Currently DGA-Consulting represents the products of the following companies.

OM4 / Mechanical parts

Is specialized in the production of mechanical parts in aluminum,
steel, titanum etc. for automotive, aviation and racing sector.

Fornitek & SF Automotive / Sealing System

Develops and produces drawn sections and seals in EPDM for automotive
(sports & luxury cars), earth moving equipment and machinery, containers,
isothermal van, and other industrial applications.

MICROTEX / Composite Materials

Designs and manufactures reinforcement materials: pre-pregs, fabrics, non
woven, woven, for many markets such as automotive, marine, ballistics, sports
& leisure.

CELBO / CF & GF SMC parts

Is leader in the industrial production of SMC and BMC moulding parts for different sectors.

POLTRONA FRAU / Lether interiors

Interiors In Motion, support customer in creating distinctive leather interiors for luxury cars, yacht and aircraft.

Enne Effe / Engineering services

is a group of companies thus supplying a complete range of industrial engineering services to customers and is able to offer:

  • the design of products;
  • the co-design (the industrialization of a product);
  • the mould or tool design.
  • the production of moulds or tools.

FH74 Engineering / Composite consulting

Offers consulting activities in the composite field:

  • product and process analysis;
  • research and development;
  • feasibility analysis;
  • production readiness;