DGA-Consulting was founded, by Angelo Davide Di Gregorio, on February 19th 2013.

The idea was born, after several experiences in different companies, to make available to the market, its own network of contacts and the commercial competence in the composites and automotive field.

A lot of companies needs support in sales, key account or project management.

But, today, the companies don’t like to invest in resources that have to be trained and who don’t have a network of contacts. DGA-Consulting offers all this with competence, reliability and flexibility.

Project Management
Sales Management
Key Account
Business Development

Personal skills

Personal skills and competence has been acquired in the course of living, traveling, working and career experience.

The advantage to speak fluently italian, german and english.

Self Management
The ability to manage personal reactions and attitudes towards responsibilities and challenges in work and life. To comprehend, understand and profit from experience. This involves a persistent predisposition for reflection, reasonable self-awareness and self-control, good planning, time management, ability to think abstractly, problem solve, flexibility in changing ambience and situations, and the capacity to adapt.

Independent Learning
Constant and strong predisposition for independent learning. Ability to recognize gaps in knowledge, skills and competence, and acquire what is needed independently. Strong self-motivation and drive to comprehend new ideas.

Goals skills
Ability to create, plan for and achieve personal and professional goals. To set realistic and clearly defined long-term and short-term goals. To focus attention and efforts within a specific time frame, tracking progress, along with adjusting and adding goals upon evolution and development in life.

Dependable, trustworthy and committed to mutual agreement in work. Willing, tenacious, and motivated to commit and be obligated to achieve goals and persevere towards those goals. Determined to achieve success, focusing on commitments targets.

Ability to communicate motivates, inspire and build trust among colleagues and collaborators. Capacity or ability to lead, direct, guide, and manage in an efficient way. Successful at enabling a group to engage together in the process of developing, sharing and working on an idea, project, or production.

Tolerance and Respect
Capacity tu recognize and respect the beliefs, practices, cultures, traditions, principles and positions of others.